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DB Cooper-The Man Who Hijacked a Plane & Disappeared in Air

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Have you ever heard of the DB Cooper case? It us one of the most mysteries unsolved case in American history. On November 24, 1971, a man who called himself Dan Cooper famously known as DB Cooper, boarded a Boeing 727 aircraft in Portland, Oregon. He was dressed in a black suit, black tie, and a mother-of-pearl tie clip. DB Cooper carried a briefcase and ordered a bourbon and water as the plane took off.

Shortly after takeoff, Cooper handed a note to a flight attendant, Florence Schaffner, claiming that he had a bomb in his briefcase. Schaffner saw  the note that  contained a series of demands. Cooper wanted $200,000 in cash, four parachutes, and a fuel truck standing by in Seattle. Schaffner asked to see the bomb, and Cooper opened his briefcase to reveal a cylinder with red wires and a battery.

Once the plane landed in Seattle, the FBI delivered the ransom money and parachutes to Cooper. He released the passengers that were in the plane and then the plane took off again. Cooper said the pilot to fly the plan in the direction of Mexico City. DB Cooper instructed the pilot to fly at a low altitude and a slow speed, and to keep the flaps and landing gear down.

While the plane was flying over southwestern Washington, DB Cooper jumped out of the plane and disappearing without a trace. Despite of the detailed investigations about Cooper his  identity and whereabouts remained unknown.   The FBI talked to hundreds of  peoples, studied the ransom money, and looked for any clues that could help find out who Cooper was. But, they could not  figure out the mystery and solve the case.

In 2016, a group of investigators claimed to have identified Cooper. They thought that it is the  guy named Robert W. Rackstraw who used to be in the military and was really skilled at parachuting and dealing with bombs. Rackstraw used to be in the military and was good at parachuting and handling bombs. He was suspected in the case before. Rackstraw had a history of criminal activity like writing fake checks and pretending to be in the military when he wasn’t. However, the FBI has not officially confirmed Rackstraw as Cooper, and many experts remain skeptical of the theory.

The DB Cooper’s story has inspired many books, articles, movies and TV shows. The case still hasn’t been solved and people from all over the world are still fascinated by the mystery of  the Cooper and what happened to him. The FBI officially closed the case in 2016, but many private investigators and amateur sleuths continue to search for answers.

The debate over the Cooper survival from the jump is one of the most interesting parts of the case. Experts argue whether it’s possible to survive jumping from a commercial airplane at a high altitude and some of them think  if Cooper had the right skills and experience to do it successfully.

Cooper jumped from the plane at an altitude of 10,000 feet, and the temperature outside was freezing. He was not wearing a survival suit or any other specialized equipment, and it is unlikely that he survived the jump. However, some experts have suggested that Cooper may have landed in a river or a tree, and could have survived for several days before succumbing to the elements.

Despite of the many questions and theories swirling around the DB Cooper case it is still a source of fascination for generations to come. It reminds us of how fascinated we’re by the unknown and our  no way – ending desire to uncover its secrets. It also show us the FBI’s  grim work trying to  break the case

Indeed though the  riddle is unsolved, it still captures the mind of people  each over the world. The story of a man disappearing into thin air, leaving behind a puzzle that is  yet to be solved.